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Way Of Website Optimization | Artikel seo indonesia

Way Of Website Optimization | Artikel seo indonesia
way of situs optimization 
secrets of successful search engine optimation optimization method - in this post i will discuss the return of the search engine optimation techniques but the gist of it is the way to success in search engine optimation optimization. actually there are only three ways to succeed in search engine optimation optimization, are as follows ; 
quality content 
search engine optimation is the first secret of success is the quality of the content of the websites content. if you want your website visitors and frequent visitors included in the first page of google search ( serp ), you must have quality content. that way if the article we are in first position at least be in the first page of google search results we would have a bigger chance to get abundant visitors. 

search engine optimation is the third secret of success is to utilize moments are booming or warm current. find out what is being crowded in talking about, and people are being sought at this time, or what topics bloggers are booming in the world or in the world of information right now. with so surely people will use google to search for things they are looking for if we post it to be in the first page of search results we would be swamped with visitors from the search engines. 

with three ways i mentioned above we can conclude that the way to succeed in search engine optimation optimization only need to collaborate on three issues, namely contains, keyword ( kata kunci (keyword) ) and moment. so to take advantage of the booming in the moment and talking with keyword ( kata kunci (keyword) ) in the viewfinder that we can produce quality content. with so definite article we will be in the first page of search results with the targeted keyword ( kata kunci (keyword) ) and we will get abundant visits from search engines. 
one way the most basic search engine optimation optimization to improve your position in googles search engine is to increase the backlinks to your website. 
back link commonly referred to as incoming links, inbound links has a weight of about 70-80 percent in influencing the position of your website, and many of you may not know that we actually naturally back link always doing construction, hah ? ! mean ? 

do you have a facebook profile or twitter profile or pinterest and the profile path dijagokan busy lately, most of the websites you an opportunity to create your profile by writing your website there, now by writing your website on fb, twitter, pinterest, path, etc. then you get points back link to your website, as easy as that. 

optimization search engine optimation super simple and easy 
what is search engine optimation optimization is another way besides using social media ? 

some ways to do search engine optimation optimization by building backlinks naturally is with 

doing social media sharing, such as you have made your first article and sharing on your social media profile, then you will get backlinks from social media, especially when many readers who find this useful and repeatedly mensharenya 
doing social bookmarking sharing. one of the easiest ways is by menshare article / picture of you on social bookmarking sites. sa ; ah famous one is digg. com / reddit. com or local is the lintas. me, sharing some social bookmarking i have discussed here 
registration directory, such as you daftar your website in yellowpages. co. id website which is a directory with a page rank higher than our new website ( situs (blog) ), we will also get a back link points. 
write and publish articles to article directory sites like ezinearticle, with mempublsh your article and include your website address in the article then you will get traffic and backlinks are a good value for your situs. 
then what is the way most ultimate search engine optimation optimization so that we are free of all google updates 

many of us sometimes can not wait to build backlinks and just buy some sort of ultimate demon software / senuke, or pay someone to build hundreds of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of backlinks directly to our website, and a very big possibility that we have built backlinks automatically with the software can finish it in less than 3 days or sometimes even 24 hours. 

of unnatural back link development is threatened to get a penalty from google and of course we do not want our website to be demoted. 
so there are two things that must be ensured to avoid this 

make sure the development is not directly back link in your website, but the website that has a 2. 0 backlinks to your site, such as your website is www. domainanda. com and you have a facebook page that talks about your website business. put a link in the description www. domainanda. com on your facebook page and navigate the construction of backlinks to your facebook page and not directly to your website. is more reasonable when facebook gets tens of thousands of backlinks in a day than adna website 
make sure your facebook page / twitter you have to have at least 300 fans to provide justification that the facebook / twitter profile page you active and give the impression it makes sense to get thousands of backlinks 
by doing these 2 things then we will be free of all updates google backlinks despite doing mass development, may be useful. how the construction of backlinks for jasa seo you been ? 

sorry my english because i am still learning the indonesian people, perhaps my very messy article, please understand it. thank you for reading this article may be useful


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